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  • Claremont Pier (Lowestoft) Beach

    It's really nice here, but it gets quite busy on a sunny day, and car parking can be quite restricted.

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  • Aber-West Beach

    You just have to visit Aber!!

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  • Southwold Pier Beach

    Really lovely pier - and beach. It gets very busy though, as you'd expect. Get there early, and bring your own food unless you want to pay hugely over the going rate for an OK burger and chips

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  • Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

    I imagine on a busy summers day, this place gets packed. But we went towards the end of the season, sun was out, and it was really good.

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  • Formby Beach

    It's a really lovely beach, it's just a bit of a walk to get to from the car park

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These are the ratings Mark S has left for locations they have visited