Newport Sands Beach (Traeth Mawr)

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Newport is a small former fishing town on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. Newport Sands, known locally as 'Traeth Mawr' which means "Big Beach" and for good reason - it is around 1.5 miles long. This wide sandy beach, backed by dunes, lies on the other side of the River Nevern estuary from the town. The northern end of this lovely beach is backed by a golf course and flanked by cliffs. There is a car park with toilets and a shop. People come here to enjoy kayaking, surfing, and other watersports. An area of the beach which is safe for bathing is sectioned off, and is also a good place to fish. The beach offers plenty of space, especially at low tide, as well as beautiful views of the crescent-shaped bay and the Preseli mountain backdrop. The southern section of the beach, which is also backed by dunes, is a popular spot for bathing, beach activities and birdwatching, the area of beach closest to the estuary being especially rich in birdlife. There is a guarded safe section of the beach, designated for bathers. Swimming nearer the estuary can be dangerous because of the rapidly-incoming tides. It is therefore advisable to check tidal times before a visit.

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