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Newgale Sands is definitely one of the biggest and quite possibly one of the best beaches in Wales. At over two miles long this vast sweep of pebble-backed sand has masses of space, which is fortunate because it is popular with just about everyone; families, surfers, kite-surfers and even dogs love Newgale. Newgale's position on the far western coast of Wales makes it an ideal spot for surfing with waves coming uninterrupted from the Atlantic Ocean. And whilst the exposed aspect of the beach might be great for kitesurfers, it can sometimes be a bit blowy to just lie around. At high tide Newgale tends to lose the Sands and all that is left is the huge pebble bank stretching the length of the beach. This hasn't always been here and was formed back in 1859 during an almighty storm. When the tide is right out it is possible to walk around to the adjacent beach of Pwll March, although care must be taken not to get cut off by the incoming tide. As you would expect from a Blue Flag beach there are plenty of facilities at Newgale, although there is thankfully little in the way of development here. At the northern end of the beach there is a café, pub and surf shop from which you can hire surf equipment or get a lesson.

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