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Newbiggin, which was once a thriving mining and fishing town, lies on the Northumberland coast, to the east of Ashington. The town, which still has a fleet of small, traditional fishing boats, features a curved bay, the southern end of which is known at South Beach. The sandy beach is backed by rocky sea defences and a promenade. In 2007 the beach was the subject of major sea defence works, with 500,000 tonnes of sand being transported here from Skegness. Today the bay features a number of rocky breakwaters and a significant sea wall. The bay is a good place to hunt for marine wildlife in the rockpools which are exposed at low tide. There is a car park just off Seaton Road. Nearby, at the bottom end of the bay is a rocky promontory called Spital Point and a natural stone arch can be found close by.

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