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New Quay is a delightful, bustling seaside resort on the Ceredigion coast. The bay is home to colonies of seals and bottlenose dolphins, and wildlife watching is an important part of the local economy. Boats taking visitors to look for wildlife and enjoy the coastal views leave from the harbour, in addition to the many fishing boats, some of which may be chartered for crab hunting and fishing trips. There are a number of lovely beaches here, and the village can get understandably busy in peak season. As the name would suggest, Harbour Beach is a relatively sheltered beach. Forming a broad sweep of golden sand it is located immediately to the south of the harbour and pier. This is the village’s most popular beach, offering opportunities for both sailing and bathing, with zoning to enhance safety. The beach is usually patrolled by lifeguards from the end of May until the start of September. There are plenty of places to eat and drink as well as some interesting shops and places to stay in the village.

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