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Just around the corner from Dorset\'s best-known cove (Lulworth) is the hidden gem that is Mupe Bay. A crescent of beach with towering white chalk cliffs to one end and the distinctive string of Mupe Rocks to the west. At high tide the beach is mainly rocks and shingle but as the tide drops away a good expanse of sand is revealed. Low water also uncovers Mupe Ledge, a flat rocky area that is full of rockpools. To get to Mupe Bay involves a some degree of walking and a bit of a climb/scrabble down the cliff path. Perhaps the most direct route is to park up by the church in Lulworth village, but you can walk around the coast from Lulworth Cove (around 2 miles). Either way you will be crossing Ministry of Defence land at Lulworth Range and must check if it is open that day. Also heed the warnings to stick to the path and not touch anything as failing to do so may be fatal!!

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