Mouthmill Beach (Mouth Mill)

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This remote beach is situated on the harsh stretch of coast towards Hartland Point in North Devon. For centuries the fearsome looking jagged rocks along this coastline have been the scourge of seafarers. In fact it is sometimes referred to as the "Iron Coast" owing to the inordinate number of ships wrecked here. It is this rocky landscape that defines Mouthmill beach, however, on occasion patches of sand do appear on the beach. Without doubt the most notable feature of Mouthmill is the stunning triangular form of Blackchurch rock arch. There is much exploring to be done at Mouthmill. As well as a plethora of rockpools and small stream there are the ruins of a lime kiln. These were used for producing lime from limestone, which farmers then used to reduce the acidity of the soil. Another clue to the coves industrial past is the name "Mouth Mill" which probably referred to some sort of water wheel along the banks of the stream. One of the best things about Mouthmill is the woodland walk down through Brownsham Wood. These pretty old woods are like something straight out of a fairy tale with coastal glimpses and wooden footbridges over babbling brooks.

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