Moor Sands Beach (Venerick's cove)

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Moor Sands (or Moorsand) is something of a misnomer as there really isn't much in the way of sand here. The beach is in fact mostly made up of smooth pale-coloured pebbles and a few rocks. There is however a bit of sand below the high water mark. Also known as Vernick's Cove, the beach is located just north of Prawle Point between Salcombe and Dartmouth - the most southerly spot in Devon. This is one of the quieter corners of the South Hams and takes a bit of effort to get to. As a result it remains very much unspoilt and never busy. The beach is reached via a path from East Prawle village which takes you to the cliffs. From here it is a bit of a climb, with the aid of a rope ladder. Moor Sands is a popular spot for swimming although there is no lifeguard and it is a pretty remote setting. The same goes for snorkelling and there are plenty of rocks and crannies just offshore to act as a haven for sealife.

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