Millom Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -3.272847 and Latitude is 54.212073, and it's readable address is Millom LA18, UK.

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On the edge of the beautiful Lake District, the small town of Millom overlooks Duddon Sands, an area of sandy, grassy saltmarshes. The beach here is a mix of shingle and sand backed by grassy dunes. It is not as popular as nearby Haverigg beach. In 1855 iron ore was discovered here and for the next 100 years Millom became a relatively large industrial town. The mines have long since closed. Today the area once operating as an iron ore mine and steelworks forms the Hodbarrow RSPB nature reserve. A lagoon now fills the former pit. To the south-west of Duddon Sands is one of the country’s largest wind farms.

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