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The stunning beach at Mellon Udrigle offers one of the finest views of this part of the coast. It is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the detour. Just off the A832, a single track road leading out of the village of Laide heads towards the remote settlement of Mellon Udrigle. Visitors should leave cars in the parking area just before the village and take the wooden boardwalk down towards the beach. Fine silver sands, backed by gentle dunes and grassy areas, slope gently into the crystal clear waters of Gruinard Bay. In the right light the waters can appear a stunning shade of turquoise blue. Rocky promontories add interest to the terrain. This place is a mecca for budding artists and photographers. What makes the view particularly good is the view of the distant mountains across the bay. The wide stretch of sand is the perfect spot to walk, picnic, or sit and watch the wildlife. Interesting sea birds and seals are a common sight here. On a calm, summer day, the beach is an ideal destination for families with young children, who can enjoy hours playing in the sand or hunting for crabs, starfish and shells amongst the rock pools. A campsite can be found adjacent to the beach but there are no facilities for day visitors, so beachgoers are advised to bring everything that they might need. There are no restrictions on dog-walking, but sheep regularly graze on the shoreline so dogs need to be kept under control at all times.

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