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This long stretch of beach is somewhat off the beaten track and largely untouched. Whilst it isn't quite bucket and spade fare Marros Sands are a great place to enjoy some solitude and take a bracing walk. The beach sits around Telpyn Point from Amroth beach to the west and is a fair hike from any direction. Probably the nearest road access is from Marros village around a mile's walk away - although this is all uphill on the way back! As the name suggests Marros Sands does comprise a wide stretch of sandy beach, however, this is at low tide. When the tide comes in not much more than a bank of pebbles is left. Those exploring the beach will not be disappointed; besides the caves towards the western end of the beach are the remains of a shipwreck and a petrified forest. The shipwreck is that of the Rover, a 71 foot schooner which ran aground during a force 11 gale back in 1886. The ancient forest dates back around 5,000 years and can be seen at low tides, in the right conditions. Sometimes more exposed than others, the best photos of the tree stumps date back to 1976 when the mud and sand was particularly low. Marros Sands is also frequented by naturists who appreciate its remoteness and seclusion.

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