Mariners Road. Crosby Beach

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Parking is available at the UFO-like Crosby Leisure Centre, from which a path leads over the dunes to the southerly end of Crosby Beach. From here, a short walk up towards the River Alt estuary brings the visitor to a series of iron-cast male figures each staring out to sea. This is the "Another Place" art installation, created by Turner Prize-winning artist Antony Gormley. At certain times, many of the installations are submerged by seawater. Get here as the high tide is starting to recede and marvel at the eerie sight of the figures gradually beginning to emerge from under the waves. Visitors need to be aware that some areas of the beach have dangerous quicksands, as well as tides which can come in surprisingly quickly. Signs warn that beach-goers need to stay within 50 metres of the promenade. The beach overlooks the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm. There are also interesting views out towards the Bootle Docks and the Liverpool skyline.

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