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Set on the east coast of the Isle of Wight Luccombe Bay is approximately halfway between Shanklin and Ventnor. Despite this, the main road between these two coastal towns runs some way inland and the only lane down to the bay is private. There is however a footpath that runs down to Luccombe Chine where you can just about scramble down an old landslip onto the beach (although more recent landslips may have made this more difficult). On a sunny, summer's morning, when the tide is low it is definitely worth making the effort. You will more than likely have this wide stretch of sand to yourself. The sandstone cliffs to the back of the beach have a good covering of vegetation giving the beach something of an undiscovered feel. Just by Luccombe Chine is a cave which was used by smugglers in days of old. In fact the Customs and Excise set up a watchtower in the nearby Luccombe Chine House to keep an eye on such activities.

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