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Lower Largo Beach is located in the pretty village of Lower Largo on the coast of Fife. The village and beach sit to the north of the Firth of Forth and this is an attractive spot with a long and interesting maritime history. The beach is made up of a good-sized stretch of soft sand and you will find rocks and pools further down the shore line. There are also splendid views from the beach over the Firth of Forth. Lower Largo has the claim to fame of being the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk, a celebrated explorer who led a variety of expeditions in the South Seas in the 1700s. He is also known for having lived on an uninhabited island near Chile for four years and as such is said to have been the inspiration for the book ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Dafoe. You will find a bronze statue of Selkirk in Lower Largo outside his former home.

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