Llanon Beach (Slipway)

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Llanon Beach takes its name from Saint Non who was the mother of the patron saint of Wales, Saint David. This region is steeped in Welsh history as both Saint Non and Saint David would have lived in the Llanon Beach area around 500 AD. The beach itself is made up of soft pebbles that lead to larger rocks at the rear. When the tide is low, you can expect to find a wide expanse of sand. Encircled by towering clay sea cliffs Llanon Beach has wide views over the waters of Cardigan Bay. One of the signature features in the area are the fish traps which are dotted along the shore. These would have been placed here by Cistercian monks during the medieval period. They are made up of deep pools that were formed using large stones to trap the fish. The beach backs on to a lush rural landscape which was used in days of old as a place to grow barley, which in turn was used for brewing illicit alcohol in the 1800s.

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