Llangennith Sands Beach (Llangenydd/Llangynydd)

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Making up the northern half of the vast expanse of sand which stretches up from Rhossili is Llangennith Sands. Backed by extensive sand dunes, and not much else, there is a wild feel to Llangennith. The scenery along this stretch of coast is world class; from here you can look south, out over Rhossili towards Worm's Head and northwards to Burry Holmes. This is the most westerly part of the Gower Peninsula and as a result picks up the most of the Atlantic swells that have made the area renowned for surfing. Llangennith is the go to spot for surfers along this coast and often has a surfable wave when other spots are flat. It is also a great spot for beginners as the beach slopes quite gently (as do the waves!). On spring low tides the engines of the paddle-steamer City of Bristol become exposed. She was wrecked here in the winter of 1840 with the loss of 27 lives.

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