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The pebble beach at Lilstock is probably not a great family choice. The only sand is beyond an expanse of rock, the water is murky and polluted and it has no facilities. However, if you are an angler, geologist, fossil hunter or photographer then you may love Lilstock. The ridged rock formations of Blue Lias look almost like cobbled road in places. These rocks are also rich in fossils ranging from ammonites right up to whole ichthyosaurs. But, please note as part of the Blue Anchor to Lilstock Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), extracting fossils from the cliffs or bedrock is forbidden. Another interesting fact about the Blue Lias rock is it is so rich in shale oil that it can be burnt. Besides the interesting rock formations there are the remains of a few old wooden groynes along the beach. These are a favourite with photographers.

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