Ladye Bay

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -2.8505214 and Latitude is 51.4534315, and it's readable address is Ladye Bay, Clevedon BS21 7BU, UK.

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The small cove at Layde Bay is one of the prettiest beaches along the Somerset coast. A small stretch of sand between the rocks and backing onto the densely vegetated cliffs. This is a pleasant beach to soak up the sun but swimming is not generally advised as with many of the beaches along the Bristol Channel coast. There can be strong currents as the tide moves and the sand towards the low water mark is decidedly muddy. That said Ladye Bay is home to the annual "Long Swim" which covers about a mile down to Clevedon Pier. Layde Bay is also a popular climbing spot with a variety of climbs.

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