Jurby Beach (Sartfield)

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Jurby Beach is located near the remote northern tip of the Isle of Man, close to the Curraghs Wildlife Park and the Ayres nature reserve. It forms part of a long strip of sand and shingle along this part of the coastline. The sand here is quite firm and the lack of dog restrictions make it a good place to let dogs run along the beach or along one of the coastal paths alongside the beach. The area is also rich in birdlife and a good spot for fishing. This part of the coast is steeped in history and legends. A number of Viking burial mounds have been found nearby, including one in the grounds near St Patrick’s Church, Jurby, which itself has a number of interesting Manx crosses, some of which are believed to date back to the 6th century. There are facilities in Jurby village, which also has a transport museum and an intriguing junk/second hand bookshop.

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