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Hythe Beach is located on the south-eastern coast, approximately midway between Folkestone and Dymchurch. The unspoiled, mainly pebble beach slopes quite steeply into the sea and the water can become deep surprisingly quickly when the tide is in. The beach at Hythe is backed by a promenade, approximately two miles in length, which is used by cyclists and pedestrians. There are a number of outlets and stands selling ice-creams, food and beverages here and plenty of benches along the promenade. On clear days it might be possible to see the distant shores of France across the Channel. The beach is a fairly popular spot for fishing. There are usually plenty of parking places to be found along the promenade. Hythe Beach never gets particularly busy and the small town behind the beach has not seen the usual seaside development that might be said to blight so many coastal towns. This is not a place to come for noisy arcades or shops selling tacky holiday wares, but it is an ideal seaside location for those wanting to take in the sea air away from the hustle and bustle of some of the busier resorts.

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