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If this beach were anywhere except at the end of the road on a remote Scottish island it would be very well known indeed. As it is this small slice of coastal perfection is one of the UK's most beautiful beaches but often as not completely empty. Here the near-white sand meets the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic whilst nestled in the grassy slopes behind are a huddle of crofters cottages. South facing and protected from the worst of the weather by Huisinis head the beach here really is a lovely spot. The journey along the B887 here is almost as noteworthy as the beach itself; it takes you past the brick tower of an old whaling station and to the imposing 19th century Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, home of the 7th Earl of Dunmore. As well as stunning scenery Huisinis beach is also a good spot for surfing, kayaking, swimming, fishing and sailing. There is a slipway close to hand at the Sound of Taransay along with a watersports centre specialising in sailing.

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