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Horsey beach is a wild, unspoilt sandy beach where nature abounds. Backed by one of the largest sand dune systems on the east coast, this beach is often deserted outside of summer. Even in the summer you won't have any trouble finding a spot to yourself. The main attraction at Horsey though are the seals. From November to January Grey Seals take to the beach to give birth. A stroll along this stretch of beach during the winter will give you the opportunity to get up close (but not too close) to these fantastic animals. Throughout the rest of the year you can see the seals bobbing around in the waters off the beach. In the waterways just behind the beach is the Horsey Windpump. The National Trust owned windmill is an impressive wind powered water pump with a history of bad luck. Over the years it has been damaged by floods, a lightning strike, a collapse, storms and gale force winds meaning it is constantly in a state of restoration.

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