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Just along the coast from Hunstanton is the little known gem of Holme Beach. This expansive sandy beach is big enough and far enough off the beaten track to never get busy, even mid-summer. Towards the high-tide mark the sand is softer and mixed with shingle which gently slope up to the low dunes. As the tide goes out the true size of Holmes beach is revealed with a vast swathe of firm, flat golden sand just right for sandcastles and beach games. For those who can't sit still on the beach there are some good walking routes in the area. Holme is also where the 46 mile Peddars Way footpath finishes. The route follows a Roman Road and starts in Knettishall Heath on the Suffolk border. Holme beach was also the site of an intriguing Bronze Age find. In the winter of 1998 a storm uncovered what has been dubbed "Seahenge". This consisted of an oak tree stump encircled by a further 55 stumps. After dating the site to around 2000 BC the stumps were preserved and are no on display at the Lynn Museum. Like neighbouring Hunstanton, Holme next the sea is a great spot for sunsets. Despite being on the east coast Holme is west-facing which has the added bonus of being sheltered from easterly winds.

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