Heysham (Half Moon Bay)

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Half Moon Bay stretches from the wall of Heysham Harbour up the coast to the Heritage Centre at Lower Heysham. At high tide the beach is fairly small, flanked by rocks and backed by grassy hills. At low tide however, a vast expanse of sand and mudflats are exposed. The beach has views across Morecambe Bay and towards the Lakeland fells. Closer by, the view is dominated by the chimneys of Heysham Power Station. A ferry service to the Isle of Man runs from the harbour at Heysham. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age and there are numerous sites close to the beach which are of archaeological interest. Close to the Heritage Centre, which is housed in a picturesque 17th century farmhouse, lie the ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel, thought to date back to the 8th century. At nearby Heysham head are some stone graves which were once used for the cover of an album by Black Sabbath. Morecambe Bay is notorious for its fast-moving tides and shifting sands. Avoid walking far out at low tide without an experienced guide.

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