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The first thing you need to know about Happisburgh is how to say it - it is pronounced "haze-bruh". Once you have that sorted you can enjoy this relatively peaceful sandy beach. As well as a fantastic stretch of sand Happisburgh beach is home to the iconic red and white candy-striped lighthouse. Dating back to 1791 this is apparently the oldest working lighthouse in the UK. If you fancy it you can climb the 96 steps inside to get a better view of the beach and village. Coastal erosion is rampant at Happisburgh and over the last 20 years dozens of houses have been lost to the sea as the cliffs crumble. Various attempts have been made to halt the progress of the sea, of which you can see the remains. Suffice to say, if you do decide to throw your towel down on Happisburgh beach then do so a little distance from the cliffs as they may be unstable.

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