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Gurnard Beach is located on the North of the Isle of Wight, within an easy and scenic 15 minute walk from the seaport town of Cowes. The pebble and shingle beach offers visitors lovely views across the Solent as well as stunning sunsets. Although Gurnard is a relatively small beach, it still offers plenty of amenities and activities for visitors of all ages. When the big ships and cruise liners enter Southampton Water, the large waves the ships cause are a delight to play in, although parents should be mindful of children during these times. Behind the charmingly painted beach huts that border the beach there is a sloping green and children's play area, perfect for a picnic or a break from the shore. Nearby, on the Eastern end of the seafront, a popular restaurant and cafe feeds hungry beachgoers and the cafe's ice cream window is a perfect way to get a cooling treat without having to even leave the shoreline. Toilets, disabled facilities, a promenade, a shop and a slipway are also all available to visitors. The popular Gurnard Sailing Club is also nearby. Summer memberships are available, making sailing and watersports extremely popular pastimes at Gurnard beach. Jetskiing, surfing and windsurfing are all available here.

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