Grunta Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -4.2156601 and Latitude is 51.1817911, and it's readable address is Mortehoe, Woolacombe, UK.

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The sandy little cove of Grunta is situated below the cliffs in front of the village of Morthoe. A stone's throw from Woolacombe it is a very different place and you may even get it to yourself. As pretty as Grunta is it is difficult to access and there isn't much of a beach here except at low tide. When the tide is out there are plenty of rockpools to explore - not that it is really a family beach. I'm informed the name dates back to an incident in the distant past when a ship carrying a cargo of pigs ran aground here. The following morning the villagers were awoken by the sound of pigs in the cove. Whether this is true or not I can't say. However, nearby Morte Point (meaning Death Point) claimed a fair few ships over the centuries.

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