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Gruinard is a stunning, secluded beach with delightful views of the surrounding rugged countryside and across Gruinard Bay to the Coigach Hills and to Gruinard Island. Apart from the magnificent scenery, it is known for its crystal clear waters, rock pools, and fine sands. The area is very popular with walkers, and there are plenty of paths along the coast and surrounding hills. The area is also of some interest to geologists with many rare and interesting rock specimens to be found along the coast here. Gruinard Island's main claim to fame is that during the Second World War, scientists involved in the development of biological weapons tested deadly anthrax here, wiping out a flock of sheep in the process. After that the island was closed to visitors for 48 years until £500,000 was spent on decontaminating the area. There is parking opposite the beach along the A832. To access the beach, visitors must cross the road and descend a fairly steep set of stairs. The area is fairly remote and there are no facilities at the beach, so it's a good idea to bring a picnic.

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