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Located on the southernmost point of Jersey, Green Island sits at the end of a two mile stretch of white sandy beach. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island, both with locals and with visitors, meaning it is complete with amenities such as ample parking and a restaurant and cafe. The sheltered beach also benefits from its south facing location, making it a sunbathers paradise. Green Island gets its name from the grassy islet that sits just off the beach’s coastline. Although usually surrounded by water, the landmass can easily be reached at low tide. Early bronze age graves have been found on the islet as well as other signs of civilization. Even though the grassy mound is wonderful to explore, be sure to note the signs and get back to the mainland before the tide comes in, or you could get trapped in the swift moving waters of the incoming tide. The rock pools, gullies and crystalline clear waters of Green Island are also a major draw for visitors, offering a whole world of underwater life to explore. At low tide, several miles of reefs are exposed, giving visitors an intimate glimpse into the life of the creatures who live just below the water’s surface.

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