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Greatstone Beach 's two miles of sandy shoreline, dotted here and there by large rocks, has been a favorite of holidaymakers for generations. The long stretch of flat, soft sand and safe swimming waters, as well as the increased popularity of watersports at this beach, make it easy to see why Greatstone is such a popular destination. At low tide, the water goes out almost half a mile, exposing even more sand for visitors to enjoy. The beach's conditions make it ideal for windsports in particular, including land yachting, windsurfing, kitesurfing and kiteboarding. The Greatstone Dunes that run along nearly the entire length of the beach and separate the seafront from land are also a Site of Specific Scientific Interest. A wide variety of rare plant species grow on the dunes and the area supports a strong population of small animals and insects. Stretching from Dungeness point all the way North to Romney, there is plenty to see at Greatstone Beach. Dungeness National Nature Reserve allows visitors to see and learn about the wide variety of wildlife that lives in the area, while a walk to Romney Marsh reveals a unique and interesting landscape. Train lovers will also enjoy Greatstone for the fact that the Romney to Dymchurch steam railway can be seen running along the beach.

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