Golden Strand Beach (Barnyagappul Strand)

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Golden Strand is often considered as Dugort's other beach and is also a Blue Flag beach. The beach is located a couple of miles (3km) east of Dugort village and is also known as Barnyagappul Strand. This name harks back to the days when horses would to carry seaweed from the shore to the fields to be used as fertiliser. The name is derived from the Gaelic 'Trá Bhearna na gCapall' which means - the strand of the gap of the horses. The beach itself is a large sandy crescent which has a much more exposed feel than neighbouring Dugort beach. The upper part of the beach consists of large pebbles and behind are gently sloping sand dunes which are home to many different plant species. From Golden Strand there is a kayak trail along the coast to Dugort beach. Known as the Blueway Kayak Trail it is for more experiences canoeists.

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