Garwick Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -4.4024295 and Latitude is 54.2056096, and it's readable address is Garwick Beach, Isle of Man IM4, Isle of Man.

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Garwick is a small shingle and rock beach on the east coast of the Isle of Man, about 5 miles north of Douglas. The small bay is backed by the woodlands and the steep inclines of romantic Garwick Glen, one of the prettiest glens on the island. The river Gawne enters the sea here. The beach is a good place to come for a little solitude and is also a good spot for fishing. There are some interesting rock formations and the established trees give some degree of protection from the sun. A cave, known as Dirk Haiterick’s Cave lies behind the beach and is the source of a number of interesting stories and legends. It is thought to have been used by smugglers in the 18th century. The beach, which does not have any facilities, is accessed from the A2. Turn off the main road at Beach Road.

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