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Freshwater West Beach is a long strip of sandy beach which is backed by the extensive dune system of Broomhill Burrows. It is an area with a fascinating history as it was once used by smugglers as a place to stash their booty. Located on Wales' exposed west coast the beach at Freshwater West picks up all the Atlantic swells making it something of a local hotspot for surfing. Swimmers however should exercise caution if venturing into the waters here as the rip currents are strong and the waves can be fierce. If Freshwater West Beach looks familiar to you, then it may be because it has featured in several films such as 'Robin Hood' (the Ridley Scott version) and 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. It was also used as a location for 'Their Finest' where it was meant to portray Dunkirk. Note that due to its popularity with surfers it can get crowded here when the waves are good and parking can be limited. From spring to early autumn the 'Cafe Mor' operates out of the southern car park if you fancy some refreshments.

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