Frainslake Sands Beach (Frains Lake)

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Frainslake Sands sits just south of Freshwater West and is a wide expanse of golden sand punctuated by the occasional rocky outcrop. Unfortunately for beachgoers Frainslake sits within the Castlemartin military firing range meaning it is mostly out of bounds to the general public. There is a very real danger of injury here as the spent 120mm shells lying around on the downs behind the beach will testify. It is possible for anglers and surfers to get a permit to use the beach, and the surf is often bigger here than anywhere else. To get such a permit requires attending a safety briefing. Just behind the beach is Frains Lake Mill, an old millhouse that now sits in a lake which was created when the stream was dammed in the mid 20th century. The coast here is home to a number of interesting geological features including sea stacks, rock arches and a blowhole.

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