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Footdee is a wide, sandy beach located at the seafront of the city of Aberdeen immediately north of the mouth of the River Dee and the harbour wall. The beach is interspersed by regular wooden groynes, backed by a sea wall on top of which there is a promenade used by pedestrians, cyclists, and skateboarders. The sea here has plenty of marine life. There is a chance of spotting dolphins, seals, and even whales if you are lucky. During the summer months, the beach can get popular with bathers, and electronic signs indicate the current water quality. Water sports such as wind surfing, jet skiing, sailing, and kayaking are also popular here. Dogs are banned between groynes 5 and 13, but dog bins are provided along the promenade. The Footdee war memorial is in a quiet setting, at the southern end of the beach, overlooking the entrance to the harbour. A restaurant is located here along with a children's play area. Parking can be found alongside the esplanade; with access to the beach either down a short flight of steps or via a slipway. Thanks to its proximity to the centre of Aberdeen, plenty of facilities can be found near to the beach, with an amusement park, a leisure park, and a retail park all located at Queen’s Links. The centre of Aberdeen is about half a mile inland from the beach, offering a wide selection of shops, places to eat and drink, places to stay, and museums including the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, and the University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum.

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