Flimston Bay

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Flimston Bay is another of Pembrokeshire\'s beautiful hidden beaches that fall within the Castlemartin MoD firing range. But the beach is rarely visited for a host of reasons; it more or less disappears at high tide; there is a lack of access several days a week because of military exercises; and the fact it is a bit of a challenge to get down to the beach. The good news is any intrepid explorers may well have the beach to themselves. The south-facing beach picks up the best of the sunshine whilst the high cliffs offer protection from cross winds. At low tide there is a a good-sized stretch of sand punctuated by some interestingly shaped rocks. However, if it is rock formations you are after then this section of coast is for you. There are numerous caves, blowholes, rock arches and sea stacks in the vicinity of Flimston Bay. On the headland just west of the beach is a huge collapsed sea cave known as the Cauldron where the swirling seas can be seen from above crashing into through the cave mouth. The next bay along is home to the Elegug Stack - a massive rock-pillar which is thronged by various seabirds. Probably the best known coastal feature nearby though is the Green Bridge, an impressive carboniferous limestone rock arch popular with geologists, twitchers and photographers alike.

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