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Findhorn is one of the more popular beaches along the Moray coastline thanks to the long, unspoilt sandy stretch of the shore and the natural beauty of this spot. When the tide is out, a wide expanse of flat sand is exposed, ideal for taking bracing walks. As the tide comes in most of the sand is covered, leaving just the top of the beach which is more pebbly. Many of those who come here come to practice water sports and for boating. There are also some excellent walks around the beach, which is located in a nature reserve and provides plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching. Seabirds which frequent the area include migrating wildfowl, but there is also a chance of spotting seals at low tide along the sand bank at the river estuary, whilst this stretch of coastline is well known for its resident dolphins. Bring along a pair of binoculars and there’s a good chance of spotting something of interest. Parking is available to the north of the village of Findhorn, near the marina, offering access to the beach along a short path over a sand dune. There are a range of facilities in the village including pubs, places to eat, places to stay, a caravan park, and the Findhorn Heritage Centre, a small museum which tells about the history of the area. There are some interesting displays on the town’s fishing legacy and the area’s role during World War Two. Since 1962, the village has also been home to an eco-friendly community.

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