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The flat, mainly sandy beach at Dymchurch stretches for approximately 3 miles along the Kent coast. The beach is backed by the new, improved sea wall. Built in 2011 at a cost of £60 million, is wide enough to allow pedestrians to walk all along the beach between Hythe Military Rifle Range, to St Mary’s Bay. Care needs to be taken as the sea wall, although very wide, can get quite slippery when wet. When the tide is out the beach along the village of Dymchurch is quite wide and it makes a good location to bring a bucket and spade to play in the sand, sunbathe, or splash about in the waves. This part of the beach can get quite busy in summer. As the beach is quite flat, the tide can come in very quickly. Just off Dymchurch High Street, a Martello Tower (number 23) stands overlooking the beach. This was built in the early 19th century Napoleonic Wars, as part of the coastal defences against a possible French invasion. The building is now owned by English Heritage and visits can be arranged by prior appointment. There is plenty for families with young children to do in the area. Donkey rides are organised on Dymchurch Beach in the holiday season and Dymchurch has an amusement park and a variety of resort facilities, without the village being too commercialised. In addition children will love taking a ride on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch narrow gauge railway, which runs between Hythe and Dungeness.

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