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On the A259, about halfway between Dymchurch and Hythe, a granite and sandstone fort overlooks the shoreline. Dymchurch Redoubt was built between 1798 and 1809 to act as a supply depot and barracks to support the 21 Martello Towers which were built between Hythe and Rye in order to defend against a possible Napoleonic invasion. The redoubt could accommodate 350 men. During World War I the building was used to accommodate troops, and during World War II it was used as a coastal battery. The property is still owned by the Ministry of Defence and the area is used as a firing range. The redoubt is NOT open to the public. Anglers sometimes fish from the sea-wall along the coast here. There is limited roadside parking next to a dangerous bend in the road. Would-be beach-goers, are probably better off heading south-west towards the wider beach in front of Dymchurch village.

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