Dumpton Gap Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is 1.4392127 and Latitude is 51.3485087, and it's readable address is Broadstairs CT10 1TD, UK.

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Despite the slightly less than appealing name Dumpton Gap is actually a nice little beach! The sandy bay here stretches for about 150 metres and is backed by a wide promenade which winds around the coast all the way to Louisa Bay.If you fancy a walk in the opposite direction the beach connects with Ramsgate. However, be sure to check the tide as the beach all but disappears at high tide and you could find yourself cut off.Being a little less central to Broadstairs or Ramsgate Dumpton Gap is generally a good get-away spot. Even so, there are still plenty of facilities here including beach huts, nearby cafes and toilets. It is also dog friendly all year around with no restrictions.

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