Druridge Bay (North)

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This beach forms part of a 7-mile long stretch of sandy coastline which curves gently round Druridge Bay, and is the part of the bay closest to the seaside village of Amble with its harbour, restaurants and "shopping pods". In spring and summer, the dunes backing the beach provide ideal conditions for some interesting wild flowers to grow, and the area also provides a good habitat for some rare bird species. The water quality here is good and in summer the beach is used by bathers, despite the lack of lifeguard cover, as well as watersport enthusiasts. Druridge Bay Country Park lies behind the north part of this section of beach. It features a car park, visitor centre, Ladyburn Lake as well as toilets, a play area and a café. Ladyburn Lake is used for sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. The southern section of beach, immediately to the south of Chevington Burn has, unofficially, been used by naturists for around 50 years.

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