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Douglas Central Beach is a sandy beach at the southern end of Douglas Bay, alongside the town centre. Douglas is the largest and most important town on the Isle of Man. At this end of the bay, the beach becomes completely submerged as the tide comes in. Douglas beach is backed by a promenade, which includes a walkway and a picnic area with plenty of benches offering excellent views across the bay and to the tower of refuge, a small, medieval tower on an island out in the bay. Parking is available along the promenade and by the harbour as well as toilet facilities, a beer tent, and a café. Further north, there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and stay overlooking the beach, whilst the oldest surviving horse-drawn tramway takes visitors up and down the promenade. A number of tourist attractions can be found near the beach, including the Manx Electric Railway Museum to the north, The Sayle Gallery along the promenade, and the Manx Museum in the town.

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