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Dornoch Caravan Park lies on the north side of the Dornoch Firth just under an hour's drive from Inverness. The vast stretch of safe, sandy beach here, known as Dornoch Sands, runs down from the caravan park in a south-westerly direction. It is a great place to come for long, tranquil walks, taking in the views of the Firth and the distant hills further up the coast. The water quality here is good, and on warm summer days it can be popular with families, who come here to paddle, swim and relax on the golden sands. There are some good rocks along the beach, suitable for rockpooling. Dornoch Sands is backed by low dunes and a large area of grassland. An area adjacent to the beach has some interesting plant and bird life and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Seals and even dolphins can sometimes be spotted out in the surf. The sand here stretches all the way up to the Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve.

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