Derbyhaven Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -4.62659 and Latitude is 54.078381, and it's readable address is Derbyhaven, Isle of Man IM8 1AA, Isle of Man.

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Derbyhaven Beach lies on the south-eastern tip of the Isle of Man and forms a crescent around the shallow, east-facing bay. The bay is protected by a breakwater and the waters here are highly favoured by windsurfers, as well as being used for scuba diving. The beach is composed mainly of shingle and is backed by a sea wall and the whitewashed buildings of the small village. Beyond the village the beach is backed by a small, grassy verge. Castletown Golf Links is adjacent to the beach, and beyond that, a narrow causeway leads over to St Michael’s Island, known locally as Fort Island, because of the ruins of a 17th century fort found here. There are also the ruins of a 12th century Celtic-Norse chapel on the island. Both sets of ruins are closed to the public, but there are a couple of walking paths on the island which offer scenic views. This part of the coastline is a good place to come wildlife spotting. St Michael’s Island is a bird sanctuary, and dolphins and porpoises can occasionally be seen in the waters around the bay.

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