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Set at the mouth of the Castle Eden Dene valley Denemouth South joins three different National Nature Reserves together: the valley of the Castle Eden Dene Nature Reserve, the northern end of the Durham Coast Nature Reserve and, to the south, the Blackhall Rocks Nature Reserve. This connection results in an overwhelming abundance of wildlife for such a small area. The birdwatching that is available here is one of the main draws for visitors coming to the beach and Denemouth South is a hotspot for nature enthusiasts. In addition to birds, visitors to Denemouth South are treated to a whole manner of flora and fauna. Colonies of stunning Durham Argus butterflies call this beach home, inhabiting the south facing cliffs. This clean beach’s rocky shoreline also allows visitors easy access to some popular coastal walks that traverse the nearby nature reserves and beaches. It’s location on the Durham Heritage Coast makes Denemouth South a natural byway to other beaches and attractions in the area. This has resulted in a number of bridges, pathways and has even inspired a few modern art sculptures which can be seen on the beach and in the immediate surrounding areas.

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