Cwmtydu Beach (Seals Bay)

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Cwmtydu Beach is a delightful little beach that sits to the south-west of New Quay. The beach is known for its pretty views and its quiet atmosphere. In fact it was so quiet and secluded in the days of old that it used to be a hideaway for smugglers in the area. Much of the smugglers' booty of French brandy and salt would have been hidden in the caves that are cut into the cliffs surrounding the beach. The cliffs here are also topped by a National Trust trail which is a great place for a bracing walk taking in the views across Cardigan Bay. Nowadays the beach is also known as Seals Bay because of the resident seals that live in these waters. There is a grey seal population of around 5,000 in the west part of Wales and you can see these amazing creatures when they come to shore to rest between fishing trips. If you are lucky you may also spot one of the bottlenose dolphins that are found in the waters of Cardigan Bay. The beach itself is made up of soft pebbles and shingle and you will find a variety of rock pools here which children will enjoy. Fishing is a popular activity at Cwmtydu Beach and you can find a good selection of species such as flounder, plaice, dogfish, bass, and gurnard. Cwmtydu is also home to an old lime kiln that has been lovingly restored. This would have been built to burn limestone which was then used as fertiliser for crops grown in the area.

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