Crosby (Hall Road West) Beach

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This wide, sandy beach, backed by low dunes is popular with walkers, bird watchers and art lovers. Possibly the most striking feature here is the "Another Place" art installation by renowned artist Antony Gormley (best known for his Angel of the North). 100 life-sized cast iron figures, all staring out to sea were built from casts of the artist 's own body can be seen dotted along the beach and leading into the waters. Depending on the tides, some of the figures may be submerged. It is worth visiting at different times of day. The beach is not suitable for swimming because of the fast-moving tides of the Mersey estuary. In fact this part of the coast has some of the UK 's fastest-moving tides. There are also areas of dangerous quicksands so visitors are advised to keep within 50 metres of the promenade and should not attempt to walk out to the furthest cast iron figures. The estuary of the River Alt, to the north, is the site of a 4,000-year old submerged forest and is also home to many interesting bird species including curlew and bar-tailed godwit. A variety of wading birds can be seen in the wet sands at low tide as well as some magnificent displays by migratory birds at dusk. For those wishing to avoid the sand it is possible to walk along the Coastal Path, taking in views of the Wirral and North Wales. The beach is a good place to stop and watch passing ships sailing out into the Irish Sea. Behind this central section of the beach are some interesting old houses, the former homes of some of Liverpool 's former sea-captains. Parking is available at Hall Road car park. Hall Road railway station is a 5-minute walk away.

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