Crimdon - Park Beach

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This location is classed as Seaside.
It's Longitude is -1.2622004 and Latitude is 54.7328314, and it's readable address is Crimdon, Hartlepool TS27 4BJ, UK.

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This long, pleasant stretch of sandy beach, just north of Hartlepool, is named after the caravan parks that it backs on to. These are largely out of sight from the beach, sitting on the clifftops at the northern end. Further down the beach are sand dunes which form part of the Durham Coast National Nature Reserve. Back in the 1950s Crimdon was one of the most popular spots on the coast with day-trippers from the working towns inland heading here in droves. Since then things have become a lot quieter. Usually quiet, there are some jaded reminders of the beach's heyday along with talk of re-generation.

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