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Craig Tara is located on the Ayrshire coast and is backed by a lively holiday park. The beach itself is a mixture of rocks and sand, and is a good place to look for marine wildlife in the rockpools which are exposed at low tide. Although the beach becomes quite narrow at high tide, it is fairly popular with walkers and beachcombers. There are lovely views over the Ayrshire hills, and the Heads of Ayr cliffs, and out over the Firth of Clyde towards the Isle of Arran. A walk along the beach in a north-easterly direction at low tide will bring the visitor within the sight of the splendid ruins of Greenan Castle, which towers majestically over the rocky cliffs. To the south-west of the beach lie the equally picturesque ruins of Dunure Castle. The Heads of Ayr Farm Park is very close to the beach and makes for a good family day out during the holiday season.

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