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Cilborth Beach is located to the north of Llangrannog Beach and at low tide you can walk between the two. Alternatively, you can take a coastal path to get to Cilborth Beach via some steps cut into the cliff side. The beach is covered in soft sand and lies in a picturesque cove. It is famous for its rock formation which is called Carreg Bica. The rock is the source of a legend that says that a giant once suffered from toothache and ripped out the offending tooth and tossed it on the ground. The rock is said to be the result of the tooth, calcified over the ages. The area around Carreg Bica has some fine rock pools which are teaming with marine life. One of the other highlights of Cilborth Beach is the number of small caves that are found in the undulating rock formations that line the sea. Just offshore from Cilborth Beach is Ynys Lochtyn, a dainty peninsula that has a number of resident seals.

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